Friday, January 1, 2010

List of Resources for Beginning Bookbinding

There's a lot of useful information online that can be helpful to the beginning bookbinder. Here’s a list of the sites that have been helpful to me and that I have used most often, particularly when I was trying to figure out this whole bookbinding thing.

Please let me know if a link goes bad, so I can remove it or replace it.


Instructional Sites:


  • Hollanders Pretty much anything you could want for book arts. Their bookbinding kits are great for beginners. Great selection of artist’s, conservation and printing papers.

  • Talas Another supplier with nearly everything.

  • Volcano Arts

  • Paper Source Tons of gorgeous papers and some bookbinding supplies too. They have some neat thread colors, but they are a bit more difficult to use than the other waxed threads.

  • Articus Studio Design

  • ArtPaper

Other Useful Sites:

There are a lot more sites than these out there that are just as helpful, but I think these can at least get you started bookbinding.

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Dana and Daisy said...

Hi, what a cool blog and yes, that is a video I posted on youtube of Dolph Smith teaching beginners how to tie a bookbinders know. I've taken classes from him at The Eureka Springs School of Art. He's a fabulous teacher and well-known book binder.

He is teaching agin this summer, should any of your readers be interested, their website is

Thank you for the link, and the blog! I'll be back!

Dana Jones

Salt said...

Great, I'm glad I got the right person! And, happy you like the blog. Keep in touch, and check back... :)

j.b. said...

I want my cookie. And I'd love to learn to bind looks like SO MUCH FUN. Like I need a new hobby.


Salt said...

j.b- You can have your cookie as soon as you come to the other side of the country and get it. It's waiting for you.

And bookbinding is fun... I particularly love sewing and hammering the spines. It's soothing to me. Overall, it's very, very detail oriented, so it serves my meticulous (some would say **** retentive) nature.

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