Sunday, January 3, 2010

She's smart and pretty!

I am really excited about this book! The idea and design for this necklace came to me all at once, kapow , and I couldn't resist making it. It's kind of steampunk or victorian, bold but still delicate. I absolutely love it! I want to keep it for myself, but I can't keep everything I make, right?

This necklace is so pretty and unusual, but the best part is that the book is fully functional. It's 80 pages of gold paper with gold endsheets, oyster-white Italian bookcloth and a stiff spine. It was even more difficult to make than the Handful of Stars book, but it still came out beautifully. It would be awesome to fill the pages with a poem, or a love note if it's given as a gift. I would melt if my man gave me this necklace, and wrote me a love note inside! (hmm, maybe he'll read this and get some ideas...) It's called the Well-Read Necklace, and it's listed on Etsy here.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

List of Resources for Beginning Bookbinding

There's a lot of useful information online that can be helpful to the beginning bookbinder. Here’s a list of the sites that have been helpful to me and that I have used most often, particularly when I was trying to figure out this whole bookbinding thing.

Please let me know if a link goes bad, so I can remove it or replace it.


Instructional Sites:


  • Hollanders Pretty much anything you could want for book arts. Their bookbinding kits are great for beginners. Great selection of artist’s, conservation and printing papers.

  • Talas Another supplier with nearly everything.

  • Volcano Arts

  • Paper Source Tons of gorgeous papers and some bookbinding supplies too. They have some neat thread colors, but they are a bit more difficult to use than the other waxed threads.

  • Articus Studio Design

  • ArtPaper

Other Useful Sites:

There are a lot more sites than these out there that are just as helpful, but I think these can at least get you started bookbinding.

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